Redefining Literary Spaces and Places

Redefining Literary Spaces and Places:
An Exhibition in conjunction with IFOA Markham 2013
Curated by Samantha Rodin
The human relationship to literature has dramatically changed through the industrial and technological revolutions. How people access recorded knowledge has transformed from a place-based experience to a more ephemeral occurrence. Libraries have been forced to adapt from an information warehouse to a diverse community space as eBooks mobilize literature and make it available virtually anywhere.
This exhibition explores a reaction to the simultaneous progression and regression of peoples’ relationship with both physical and conceptual literary experiences. Guy Laramée articulates that his work “… originates from the very idea that ultimate knowledge could very well be an erosion instead of an accumulation.” In Libraria, Elaine Chan-Dow poses the question “what do you think would happen if libraries no longer existed?”

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Exhibiting Artists:
Guy Laramée | Elaine Chan-Dow | Rachel Loscher | Samantha Rodin
The IFOA Markham Art Exhibition gratefully acknowledges the support of the Markham Arts Council, the City of Markham, Cornell Community Centre & Library, the Varley Art Gallery and Jayne H. Baum Gallery.