IFOA MARKHAM: When did it begin?

IFOA Markham is an event supported by IFOA ONTARIO and has been running for 3 years. IFOA Ontario began as an offshoot of the IFOA, a registered Canadian non-profit charitable organization that presents an 11-day literary festival in Toronto each year. Now in its seventh year, IFOA Ontario partners with libraries, bookstores, universities and communities to present the best writers of contemporary literature across the province.

IFOA Markham is an event organized by the Markham Arts Council, a non-profit organization in Markham that focuses on supporting, promoting and fostering the arts in our community. Each year, IFOA Markham has been held in different locations across Markham. IFOA 2011 took place at the Markham Museum and featured authors Francisco Goldman, Shilpi Somaya Gowda, Dany Laferriere, and Bharati Mukherjee (host: Thom Ernst).  IFOA 2012 was held at Flato Markham Theatre and featured Ayesha Chatterjee, Marjorie Celona, Chan Koonchung and Giller-winner Vincent Lam (host: Bert Archer).

This year, Markham Arts Council is proud to host IFOA Markham at the newly inaugurated Cornell Community Centre and Library- and we’re thrilled to celebrate women’s literature with an all-female lineup of authors: Janie Chang,  Lauren B. Davis, (Dame) Margaret Drabble and Nicole Lundrigan (hosted by Bert Archer).

Click here for more details.

IFOA 2012 Gallery (Images courtesy of Jeremiah Hill Photography):

JHP12-10OCT23_0453 JHP12-10OCT23_0451 JHP12-10OCT23_0895 JHP12-10OCT23_0830 JHP12-10OCT23_0562   JHP12-10OCT23_0217 JHP12-10OCT23_0135 JHP12-10OCT23_0020 JHP12-10OCT23_0034 JHP12-10OCT23_0728 JHP12-10OCT23_1273   JHP12-10OCT23_0691 JHP12-10OCT23_0013 JHP12-10OCT23_0157 JHP12-10OCT23_1027 JHP12-10OCT23_0709


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